Thursday, 6 September 2012

Nuclear Safety Regulatory Authority (NSRA)

- Being formed to regulate safety from nuclear radiation.
-Regulator will not report to DAE but to parliament.
-It will be able to access any premises where radiation is present, used or proposed to be used and seize documents concerned.
-it will be the sole agency granting consent on nuclear transactions.
-For any violations, defautlers to face imprisonments, fines.
-The Authority will replace the existing atomic energy regulatory board (AERB).
-to conduct investigations, inspect , search and seize documents and objects from the sources of such radiation.

- A chair person (serving/ retired judge of Supreme court and high court)
- two full time members ( eminent scientists who have held position of secretary rank in the govt.)
-four part timers

There will be a " council of nuclear safety " to over see and review the policies on nuclear and radiation safety. it will be headed by PRIME MINISTER.

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